Alina Dziecharska

Edible Landscaping and Design

Looks great, tastes better!


            My innate ability to not only create but also innovate has grown into three passions in my career: design, landscaping and problem solving.

            Design. Having an enormous thirst for technical knowledge I pioneered intertwining all the above disciplines together. Coordinating all facets of a project from initial consultation to final installation included creating construction documents and drawings, handling frequent interruptions, multi-tasking, even avant-garde solutions and innovative thinking.  What does this mean for you?

  •      Seamless transitions between multiple priorities and projects.
  •      Knowledgeable and well-rounded team addition.
  •      Development of details and editing of specifications with high attention to detail.
  •      Proficiency in design programs, sketching, rendering and presentations.

            Landscaping. At some point architecture became edible, then took flight to the great outdoors growing in quite a few yards around town. Diverse projects included production and implementation of landscape architectural plans, designs, and construction documents. Adopted a “Looks great, tastes better!” motto for making edibles front yard worthy with tremendous success, proving it has sizable value. What approach will I share with you?

  •      Modification of plans and design features to meet project specifications.
  •      Self-motivation with a sense of urgency to produce high quality work.
  •      A natural drive towards continual improvement and broader knowledge of available plant/design material and how it can be implemented.

            Problem solving. An example: I addressed the issue of constantly changing exchange rates by self-learning Excel to compile the budget for the entire Beaches hotel in Jamaica. My considerable attention to detail, meaningful problem solving capabilities, and tremendous creativity are almost unheard of in one package. What does this mean for you?

  •      Positive attitude and a strong work ethic.
  •      Consistent dedication to providing the highest level of client service possible.
  •      Strong computer skills including CAD, Word, Excel and other design programs.
  •      Occasionally delicious baked goods at the office.

            As one of my former employers says in a reference letter: “A quick-wit, Alina’s honed sense of acclimatizing to unfamiliar territory, allows her to tackle all facets of work with confidence + accuracy.” The letter continues:” Alina is exceptionally computer literate, has an analytical probing mind, is flexible, open to new concepts…” It may not seem like I fit the corporate model but I do garden well with others so we all thrive together (and I am not over fertilizing either). 

          Thank you for your time reviewing my portfolio. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibilities set before us in an interview and look forward to your positive reply.  Sincerely, Alina.


Personal continuation:

             Strawberry rhubarb crumble smoothie. Salad with fresh herbs and flower blossoms.  Zucchini herb fritters with garlic yogurt. Roasted Hubbard squash soup with hazelnuts and chives. Smoky chipotle popcorn. Pumpkin pie. Fruit wine. Beer. Delicious! What if the main ingredients for these recipes came from your garden? Excited?

            As a child growing up in Poland we frequently foraged for berries, nuts and mushrooms. Alpine strawberries were my favorite. I helped my parents tend our community garden too. Then we moved, far, far away. I started designing in high school when an interior design class was offered in my senior year. Jumping on a chance to design a Beaches hotel in Jamaica I delighted in breadfruit, jerk chicken, ackee and salt fish, conch soup and ginger beer. I tuned the experience into internship credits toward my Interior Design degree. Then I met this guy.

            Raising twins wasn’t challenging enough so I started baking and decorating cakes while working toward a Business Administration degree. That was fun! We grew herbs and made mud pies and started reading food labels. It was time to introduce the girls to the wonderful world of really good food. Rows of vegetables with bare soil between seemed, from the design point of view, really ugly and highly inefficient. I introduced myself to Permaculture, edible forest gardens, landscaped gardens which are mostly edible, and turned our entire yard into a giant experiment and started keeping bees. This is even more fun!

           What can I do for you?