Delicious Terrain

Edible Landscaping and Design

Looks great, tastes better!

Experimentation is forever present in my life. Drafting and rendering by hand and computer, presentations, ideas, and projects shown are some of my all time favorite, showing a range of talents, but by no means drafting a complete picture.

Adding dimension to CAD with ink on paper.

Pencil to paper, sketching initial ideas.

Sketch Up.



Elaborate designs of title blocks added another element of fun.

Tile layout in progress, above and below.

One of several public restrooms at Beaches, Negril. Designed and hand drafted.

ADA house design based on a Wassily Kandinsky painting, above and below.

Bathroom designs before and after, recycled materials:

Plans and pictures of progress, Beaches Hotel in Negril, Jamaica. Designed and hand drafted:


Looking beyond...

...two associates degrees (for now) and a fun part  time job (which was the whole point of wearing that apron), you are going to discover an amazingly talented individual ready to take on the world of design full time, again.