Delicious Terrain

Edible Landscaping and Design

Looks great, tastes better!

My imaginative and artistic journey. Oil painting, drawing in different mediums, coloring, and so much more. The delicious part: cake baking and decorating which included designing the final presentations and executing most of the decorations. Notice the comprehensive attention to detail across all my creative platforms:

Ink, markers and colored pencils on mylar.

My oil painting in my art studio.

Learn, Build, Invite, Enjoy!

Markers and colored pencils on a paper collage.

White chocolate cake with white chocolate raspberry mousse, raspberry syrup and buttercream icing. Royal icing flowers.

Waldorf Astoria cake decorated with fondant and fresh flowers.

Paper collage.

Yellow sponge cake with vanilla-cream cheese filling and milk chocolate frosting. Covered with fondant and royal icing flowers.

Charcoal and pencil on card stock.

Charcoal and pencil on card stock.

Buttery chocolate cake with vanilla and coffee bean filling. Fondant.

Harvesting kohlrabi.

The black cube reveals white and red shapes which fill the inner void completely. Card stock, glue, tape.

Pencil on paper.

Chocolate rum cake with raspberries and ganache frosting. Fondant and royal icing decorations.